Salone del Mobile 2016 Milano - Armonie Collection

Salone del Mobile 2016 Milano - Armonie Collection

A living space of complete beauty, designed by Sagi Design Studio of the Marra brothers, where stylistic choices of finishings and materials ‘tell’ of elegant rooms, capable of giving the right prominence to the furniture, timeless classics with  a contemporary allure, of the new  Armonie collection.

 The Collection presents itself in the Daytime area, thanks to a large room which which includes the De’ Medici living area, the Pitti living room, the large Ducale dining room and the Louis XVI study, and in the Nighttime area, which includes the two master bedrooms, Palais Royal and Impero.

 The solid oak wood parquet flooring with  Versailles design, polished with the special Olio Bianco oil endows a welcoming  and refined atmosphere to the entrance hall and to the dining area, while the study, the living rooms and the bedrooms ‘repose’ on a soft white carpet rendering the rooms intimate and warm.

 The walls, however, see a harmonious interchange of pale and delicate colours, such as grey, light blue and, again, white, chosen for their capacity of giving prominence to the furniture and increasing the visual space in the rooms, rendered, thus, even more full of light. The high quality silk curtains are also variations of the same nuances of colour.

New splendours of composition are revealed, however, by the refined ramages decorations which characterise the dining room, an effect which  recalls the exquisite fabrics of the 1700s.

 The stand, of 200 square metres, reflects the company's philosophy and its ability to communicate classic atmospheres, values and dreamlike visions  always in different and fascinating ways.