True passion  and outstanding craftsmanship exalt the wood cutting and the beauty of the classic forms

True passion and outstanding craftsmanship exalt the wood cutting and the beauty of the classic forms

Roberto Giovannini creates furniture and furnishings, combining good taste and expert craftsmanship which stem from a perfect balance between creativity and respect for the classic.
His production is a sixty year long story of period pieces created with passion, able to express the very essence of the elegance and luxury of past epochs.

The phases of production are where tradition meets innovation. This highlights how years of experience come together with technological advances to fuse the modern with traditional artisan methods of working wood; wood carving is thus transformed into the highest quality artisan craftsmanship with the support of cutting edge machinery.


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This is why Roberto Giovannini's production can be defined as a unique and exclusive reality; a reality characterised by the importance of handcrafting and an in-depth knowledge of raw materials and production processes, by a strong technical-design approach and by the direct management of the whole line of production, from the purchase of the finest woods to the finishing details of each product and its decoration.

The beating heart of Roberto Giovannini's production, using only seasoned solid wood, is the department dedicated to the woodcarving, where expert artisans practise their skills in the creation of unique pieces. They are supported and completed by the decoration work, cushioning and upholstery realised in full respect of the oldest Florentine tradition giving life to classic proposals destined to last through time.

And so Roberto Giovannini expertly interprets the concept of a living-space's identity: in fact classic furniture, with its intricate work and finish, thanks to the skillfully crafted wood, evokes a profound sensation of the historical and artistic context of Florence.

The company's entrepreneurial vision gives prominence to the history of the Florentine artisan workshop while still dedicating constant attention to the fashion tendencies of the furnishings sector, seeing the creation of a ‘new classic’.