Roberto Giovannini in the forefront at  ‘Conviviando – L’arte della tavola tra passato e futuro’

Roberto Giovannini in the forefront at ‘Conviviando – L’arte della tavola tra passato e futuro’

A captivating journey through the evolution of table settings


From 25th January to 15th Feburary 2018, Palazzo Reale hosted the exhibition ‘CONVIVIANDO- L’arte della tavola tra passato e futuro’, promoted and produced by the Comune di Milano|Cultura, Palazzo Reale, HOMI, the Fiera Milano Lifestyles Exhibition and curated by Cinzia Felicetti, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Maison Italia.


Set in the splendid rooms of the Prince's Apartment, the exhibition features cinematic elements, giving an overview of the history of the art of table setting. Revolutionary or tied to the rites of power, simple or extravagant, the table settings of important occasions are the inspiring theme of this show, spanning over three centuries and explored using a series of films which have stimulated the collective imagination.


The exhibition winds through the fine old halls of the royal residence proposing ten mise en place, each taking inspiration from as many memorable films, to spell out the key moments of this evolution: from Vatel's Baroque marvels to the glacial atmospheres of Ex Machina, moving through Sofia Coppola's delicious Marie Antoinette.


Starting from the Baroque era, when the dining table revealed itself to be a fascinating theatre where the sovereign celebrated his own greatness over his subjects and over nature, amidst spectacular arrangements of all kinds of foods, vegetables and precious metals. Exalting this first mise en place, recreating the atmosphere of the most beautiful and most refined dining rooms of the epoch, there are the table and the chairs from Roberto Giovannini's  Prestige collection.


The majestic Veneziano (Venetian) dining table (art.1341KPP) together with the elegant French chairs (art.959C and 951C), have been selected for their extraordinary ability to be the utmost expression of the luxury and the magnificence which distinguish ‘Baroque conviviality’.


The main structure of the table is finely carved with characteristic motifs in the Venetian style of the 1700s, exalted by the precious Argento Leggero (Light Silver) finishing, while the tabletop is realised in oakwood parquet decorated with a Versailles design in Rovere Sbiancato (bleached oak).

The French chairs and small armchairs, also decorated in Argento Leggero, are upholstered with the finest Jim Thompson Noir fabrics.