Roberto Giovannini for the Dining Room

Roberto Giovannini for the Dining Room

The authentic beauty of furnishings inspired by past epochs for the décor of today's home


The dining room, more and more often, is experienced as the focal point of the home, a place of  conviviality and relaxation; for this reason it is important to choose furnishings capable of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere whilst satisfying your own personal style and which are in harmony with the architecture of the space  housing them.


Roberto Giovannini,  with special consideration for the precision of the forms and  particular attention to small details, guided by a natural passion for wood carving and by a creative flair, proposes tables of different forms and dimensions, small dining armchairs and chairs, sideboards and side tables, with refined decorations and exquisite finishings.

The solutions for furnishing the dining room complete and enrich Roberto Giovannini's proposals, offering  a choice between delightful contrasts of forms and styles; you are, thus, able to personalise your own living space exactly according to your own taste. Classic dining rooms able to express the elegance and authentic lavishness of deluxe styles which are the expression of the history of interior furnishing.

The dining tables particularly permit a high level of personalisation. The bases,  often decorated with sophisticated carvings, can be combined with made-to-measure tops in fine wood available in measurements exceeding as much as 4 metres.


Exclusive living spaces such as the Ducale and Elegance living rooms, with all the furnishings and accessories which  define their character, superbly express the ability to project the aesthetic criteria of classic beauty into the present day where luxury is supreme, without ever exasperating the concepts.

The centre stage of the Ducale living room is the new extendible dining table (art.1395CDAP) of notable dimensions: 2 metres and 40 centimetres plus extensions of 60 cm. The finely carved structure rests on  8 legs and is enriched by the new Argento Leggero (Light Silver)  G105 decoration indulged by flourishes of Noir (Black) G086. The surface in solid wooden oak parquet with Versailles design, realised with a natural, bleached finishing and combined with the supporting structure expresses a perfect synthesis of good taste and excellence of craftsmanship.

The Elegance living room, however, proposes a scene of ‘non-colour’. The unmistakable grace of the Noir (Black) exalts all of the furnishings, from the table to the small dining armchairs, from the  sideboard to the accessories, all enriching the living space. The colour of elegance and indulgence is quintessentially expressed here through the blending and mixture with the finishings which give an “illuminating” touch, creating an exciting scenographic effect.

Elegance also takes the leading role, defined by the dining table with its oval top (art.1361) and Noir (Black) G086 decoration and becomes the functional and decorative centrepiece of the living space.


Elegance and functionality are thus united in the expression of a unique and extraordinary décor, where the lamps also contribute to enhancing the atmosphere, making it even more special.


Taking inspiration from the most expressive examples of Italian and European tradition, Roberto Giovannini brings into our homes the light and the atmosphere of the finest rooms of the aristocracy from the past.


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