Roberto Giovannini transforms the bedroom into a 'dreamlike' setting

 Our bedroom is the place which represents our most intimate dimension, an expression of our personality,  making it so different from the other rooms in our home.


 In recent years, the night-time space has been transformed into the ultimate 'refuge' when we return home and so is no longer a space merely dedicated to rest, but is a special area 'constructed' to respond to all our  needs; here we can feel relaxed and serene at any moment of the day. The tendency, in fact, is to give the bedroom more space, including small areas dedicated to study and to moments of wellbeing and relaxation.


 Through his furniture, Roberto Giovannini lends his interpretation to this new conception of the bedroom, creating alluring spaces capable of transmitting sensations of sublime comfort and elegant wellbeing.


 Starting from the bed, confirmed as the most important feature giving the room its character,   Roberto Giovannini has created lighting fixtures, furniture, accessories, side tables, bedroom benches and armchairs.  And so the nightime spaces are perfected and enlivened, characterised by the perfect balance of volumes and  proportions, beauty and functionality.


 Faithful to the aesthetic criteria of classic beauty, Roberto Giovannini reinterprets the extraordinary styles of times past and brings to contemporary settings  the splendour and sophistication of the bedroom quarters of aristocratic residences.


 His creations, which express his genuine passion for the art of woodcarving, are unique pieces which  excel in the  intricacy of the details and the delicacy of the features which define them.


 Roberto Giovannini preserves  pure elegance in the forms of the furnishings of times gone by, reinterpreting them from a functional perspective to reach an even higher level of exclusivity, sophistication  and comfort.


 With the  King Palace and Soleil bedrooms, ‘projects’ born from the most recent Hèritage collection, Roberto Giovannini achieves the utmost expression of luxury and comfort in the night-time space.


 Thanks to the wide range of living spaces where the furnishings are distinguished by their style, fabrics,  finishings and intricacy of craftsmanship, Roberto Giovannini gives form to our emotions, creating welcoming and refined rooms, places of true wellbeing and irresistible allure, permitting us to completely surrender  to sweet relaxation enveloped in a ‘dreamlike’ spell.