La Collezione Fil Rouge al Salone

La Collezione Fil Rouge al Salone

The Fil Rouge  interiors

Roberto Giovannini is setting the stage with four different interiors, all expressing a new experience of luxury and moving the fascinating world of classic furniture closer to modern-day living.

The intrinsic elegance of these spaces is a direct consequence of the formal, dimensional and stylistic equilibrium which  Roberto Giovannini is able to create between furnishings which differ in style, finishings and decorative details.


Objects with a modern-day character, lights, mirrors and accessories all contribute to enhancing any interior: Fil Rouge expresses the company's will to create complete Ambienti d’Autore (Bespoke Interiors) in every detail, characterised by ever more unique and élite forms, materials, fabrics and decorative finishings.


The concept which characterises the whole collection recalls the splendour of the styles which have formed the history of furniture and furnishings, that way of being sumptuous, unique and recognisable; a concept  which redesigns with contemporary functionality the style and the ‘world’ created for living spaces which seek excellence as an element of distinction.


With Fil RougeRoberto Giovannini continues, thus, to communicate his extraordinary ability to create   new forms without ever losing the classic artisan spirit which is the hallmark of his creations.


Roberto Giovannini is tradition in continual evolution, sartorial artistry, competence and innovation. 

The know-how and artisan expertise acquired over the years, from collection to collection, are interpreted today, adapted and reformulated as if in a fascinating ‘construction game’, to satisfy the requirements of contemporary living which continues to seek luxuriousness and sophisticated wellness.