Héritage Collection

Héritage Collection

The living spaces presented at Salone del Mobile


Roberto Giovannini confirms his strong and recognisable identity in the panorama of  classic interior design with Héritage, the values of excellence and top quality craftsmanship in wood are highlighted through his production. The characteristics of the product and the wood-carving, often very elaborate and complex, are always well defined.


The Héritage living spaces

Roberto Giovannini does not simply realise classic furniture and accessories, but he creates truly extraordinary and exclusive living spaces, places which evoke a range of emotions, where it is possible to experience  luxury at its most authentic.

A large entrance hall, a majestic living room, two sumptuous bedrooms and a regal dining room are the ideal ‘places’ set on stage by Roberto Giovannini at the 2018 Milan International Furniture Fair. Amazing interiors of exceptional beauty capable of generating new and fascinating scenarios for modern day living.


The Entrance Hall

A welcoming and elegant space, of great aesthetic impact, thanks to the Neoclassical architectural structure resting on  large columns: the entrance area, with its furnishings, the lights, decorations, console tables and the  accessories pre-empt the style and the atmospheres which characterise the ideal ‘home’ by Roberto Giovannini

The walls, sub-divided by pilasters and wall panels, are enriched by Silk Bird wallpaper by Dedar inspired by the lampas textile of the same name.


The Living Room

The living room is the most lived-in and admired space in the house, it is the room dedicated to moments of   relaxation and to welcoming guests. This large living room gives centre stage to furniture and accessories in  perfect Neoclassical style, mixed with more elaborate and lavish elements in Baroque forms, and transmits immediately a general sensation of absolute elegance and of grandeur. Entering into Roberto Giovannini's living room, an  awe-inspiring atmosphere immediately embraces you, one which, at the same time, is also warm and relaxing.

The living room proposes the new Savoy sofa (art.1417MT) in Neoclassical style, giving you the possibility of creating a ‘made to measure’ living room. In fact, this distinguished sofa is available both in the padded back version, in sizes 210 cm, 250 cm and 310 cm, as well as with a finely carved back (art. 1417), in size 250 cm. 

The new chairs are upholstered with a soft Dedar velvet in an intense, bright anise green inspired by the latest fashion trends. This stylistic choice transforms the décor into inspiring possibilities, with an “oneiric” aesthetic effect. 

Finally, the living room is composed of the small study area,  including the desk complete with lateral pull out flaps (art. 1058SLE), base with exquisite wood-carvings finished in gold leaf, and top in white leather, with clean and minimalist contours in a ‘harmonic’ contrast. The desk is accompanied by the Duchesse armchair (art. 1423) with forms reminiscent of an authentic armchair from the late 1700s preserved in the Reggia di Caserta. Roberto Giovannini here revisits the concept of comfort and, respecting its proportions, transforms it into a more comfortable armchair .


The King Palace bedroom

The King Palace Master Bedroom exhibits the new and impressive bed headboard in perfect Chippendale style, (art. 1421K) rich in details and mementos of that historical period. The intensity of the ottanio blue of the fabrics which ‘dress’ the bed unites with the  luminosity of the gold finishings for a bedroom with a solemn style which also appreciates the importance of functionality and elegance.


The Soleil bedroom

To make Roberto Giovannini's ‘night-time’ proposal even more complete, the Héritage collection is enriched with the luxurious Soleil Queen bedrooman ideal place for abandoning yourself to sweet slumbers, enveloped in a dreamlike enchantment.

Starting from the refined bed headboard  (art. 1370QB) in elegant Neoclassical style with capitonné padding and ruffled frame, all the furniture included in this living space dedicated to moments of rest, the  colours and the styles, interconnect with each other offering a succession of marvellous and unique visual effects.


The Majestic dining room

The new Roberto Giovannini dining room represents the utmost expression of the Héritage collection and of its significance. The space gives the centre stage spotlight to the new and impressive Majestic dining table (art.1424CQAC) in Louis XIV style.

Much more than just a table, Majestic is a veritable work of art, a  surprising masterpiece of wood-carving, handcrafted according to the best Tuscan artisan traditions. Here, the Maestro Roberto Giovannini reaches the utmost exaltation of the natural beauty and complexity of natural wood, carved and  decorated to give life to a unique and precious ‘object’, with its well-defined contours and timeless elegance.